Photo Tour of  Kauai North Shore Beaches

5 to 20 minutes from our Retreat

Ke'e Beach is located at the end of the highway and the beginning of the Kalalau Trail. The highway ends because of steep cliffs. You can see the sheltered lagoon in this picture which is usually calm for swimming. Many people come to Ke'e for the sunset. What few know is how lovely this beach is in the early morning.

Lumahai Beach is about 5 minutes away. Great for long walks or finding your own space away from others to hang out. The cove pictured here is at the eastern end where the musical, South Pacific was filmed. When you are there, you can see why!



Here is another view of Lumahai. You can see the beach stretching to the west. The cove in previous photo would be right beneath the flowers.


Hanalei Bay is 4 miles or ten minutes away from us. Just above big horse shoe is a white beach. That is Lumahai, shown above, and the very top beaches in this photo would be Tunnels and Ke'e. Hanalei bay has flat water in the summer just like a lake. In winter there is world class surf. We love taking walks here also and it is the best place for jogging. Hanalei has many restaurants and shops, showing here as the little "town" in bottom left. The white spots in bay are boats at anchorage.


Here is Hanalei Bay as seen from the pier. Note the beautiful green mountains adding a dramatic backdrop. 


Anini Beach is a long sheltered lagoon that is protected from waves by the reef. When it is calm, it looks like this. On windy days, windsurfing and kite lessons are available.